Developing the Future of Salt Mining and Hydrogen Storage in Atlantic Canada

Company Focus

Vortex Energy is focused on leveraging its assets for salt mining, hydrogen and energy cavern storage, and ammonia-to-hydrogen cracking technology.

Salt Mining

Vortex Energy’s North American Salt project, nearby to Atlas Salt’s Deposit (999 Mt Indicated and Inferred – 95.6% NaCl) with multiple salt structures identified on the property with access to infrastructure

Hydrogen & Energy Cavern Storage

The East and West Salt Structures are some of the largest identified storage caverns on the East Coast of Canada with potential to hold approximately 800,000 tonnes of hydrogen in more than 60 caverns

Ammonia-to-Hydrogen Cracking Technology

Vortex holds the license and rights to ammonia cracking reactor technology and membrane separator technology in development for the efficient conversion from ammonia-to-hydrogen with a total Readiness Level (TRL) 3-4

University of Alberta Partnership

The research team will conduct proof of concept
experiments on core samples with the intent to design
and implement the first field trial of hydrogen storage
in domal salt in Canada.

  • Two-year project with four research phases
  • Project tasks will be conducted by at least 3 PhD students and one postdoc fellow under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Deghanpour
  • Combination of cash and in-kind contributions
  • Joint provincial and federal grant application(s)

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